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Washington Parish Monthly and Weekly Arrests Statistics

On average, Washington Parish sees approximately 500 arrests per month. These arrests cover a wide range of offenses, from minor infractions to more serious crimes. The local law enforcement agencies work diligently to maintain peace and order within the county.

Breaking the monthly statistics down further, we can estimate that Washington Parish experiences around 125 arrests every week. This number fluctuates based on various factors, including the time of year and ongoing investigations.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Washington Parish

As part of the law enforcement process, mugshots are taken for each arrest made in Washington Parish. These photographs provide a visual record of the individuals involved and are utilized for identification and investigative purposes. Inmate records are also maintained to track the status and location of individuals who have been arrested and incarcerated within the county.

Washington Parish takes the security of its residents seriously, and the diligent efforts of law enforcement officials help to maintain a safe community.

Washington Parish Sheriff's Office


  • Washington Parish Sheriff's Office: Franklinton at 1002 Main St, Franklinton, LA 70438.
  • Washington Parish Sheriff's Department: 302 Mississippi Ave, Bogalusa, LA 70427.


The Washington Parish Sheriff's Office provides various facilities and services to the community:

Administrative Building

The administrative building is the headquarters of the Sheriff's Office. It houses the Sheriff's Office staff, including the Sheriff, administrative personnel, and support staff.

Detention Center

The Detention Center is responsible for the custody and care of individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or serving sentences. It ensures the safety and security of both inmates and staff.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for maintaining law and order within Washington Parish. Deputies in this division patrol the county, respond to emergency calls and enforce traffic laws.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for conducting in-depth investigations into criminal cases. Detectives in this division gather evidence, interview witnesses, and work closely with other agencies to solve crimes.

Narcotics Division

The Narcotics Division focuses on combating illegal drug activities within Washington Parish. It conducts investigations, gathers intelligence, and apprehends individuals involved in drug-related offenses.

Washington Parish Jails

Washington Parish is home to several jails that serve the community by providing secure facilities for individuals who have been arrested. These jails play a crucial role in maintaining law and order within the county.

All Jails Location

  • Washington Parish Jail Bail: 1002 Main St, Franklinton, LA 70438.
  • Jail 2: N/A
  • Jail 3: N/A

Jail Facilities in Washington Parish

The jails in Washington Parish are equipped with modern facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff. Each jail provides secure cells, common areas, visitation rooms, and administrative offices. Additionally, the facilities are equipped with surveillance systems, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring of activities.

Jail Environment in Washington Parish

The jail environment in Washington Parish is designed to meet the needs of inmates while maintaining security. The facilities offer educational programs, vocational training, and counseling services aimed at rehabilitation and reintegration into society. The staff members are trained professionals who prioritize the safety and well-being of inmates.

Each year, the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office handles a significant number of arrests. The sheriff's office jail facility processes an average of 500 arrests per month. This high volume of arrests emphasizes the importance of having well-equipped and efficiently run jails in the county.


What is the purpose of Washington Parish Arrest Records?

Washington Parish Arrest Records serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information about mugshots, inmate records, and more. These records provide a comprehensive overview of arrests made within the county, allowing residents and law enforcement agencies to stay informed and maintain public safety.

By accessing Washington Parish Arrest Records, individuals can uncover valuable information about individuals who have been arrested, including mugshots, personal details, charges filed, and incarceration status. This information can be useful for various purposes, such as background checks, legal proceedings, and crime prevention.

Washington Parish Arrest Records ensure transparency and accountability within the criminal justice system, providing a way for the public to access information about arrests and the individuals involved. It promotes a safer community by allowing residents to be aware of potential threats and take appropriate precautions.

Overall, Washington Parish Arrest Records play a crucial role in maintaining public safety, promoting transparency, and facilitating informed decision-making within the community.

How can I access Washington Parish Arrest Records?

Accessing Washington Parish Arrest Records is a simple process. The most convenient way to obtain these records is by visiting the official website of Arrests.org. On the website, users can navigate to the search section and enter the relevant information, such as the name of the individual or specific details related to the arrest.

Once the search is initiated, the website will display a list of matching records, allowing users to select the desired entry for more detailed information. The records typically include mugshots, personal details, charges filed, and incarceration status, providing a comprehensive overview of the arrest.

It is important to note that accessing Washington Parish Arrest Records may require users to agree to certain terms and conditions, ensuring responsible and lawful use of the information. Additionally, some records may be subject to privacy restrictions, particularly if the case is ongoing or involves sensitive information.

By following these simple steps and adhering to the guidelines, individuals can easily access Washington Parish Arrest Records and obtain the desired information.

Are Washington Parish Arrest Records updated regularly?

Yes, Washington Parish Arrest Records are regularly updated to ensure accuracy and provide the most up-to-date information. The law enforcement agencies responsible for maintaining these records work diligently to keep them current and reflective of recent arrests within the county.

As soon as an arrest is made, the relevant information is captured and added to the database. This includes mugshots, personal details, charges filed, and incarceration status. The frequency of updates may vary depending on the volume of arrests and the efficiency of the data management system employed.

It is important to note that while Washington Parish Arrest Records are updated regularly, there may be a slight delay in the availability of certain records, especially in cases where ongoing investigations or legal proceedings are involved. However, law enforcement agencies strive to minimize any delays and provide timely updates for public access.

By regularly updating Washington Parish Arrest Records, law enforcement agencies ensure that residents and other users have access to the most accurate and relevant information regarding arrests made within the county.

Can I request the removal of my arrest record from Washington Parish Arrest Records?

Yes, it is possible to request the removal of your arrest record from Washington Parish Arrest Records. However, the process and eligibility for record removal may vary depending on certain factors, such as the nature of the arrest, the disposition of the case, and applicable laws and regulations.

To initiate the removal process, individuals can reach out to the relevant law enforcement agency or the official website of Arrests.org. They will provide guidance on the specific steps required and any supporting documentation that may be needed.

It is important to note that not all arrest records are eligible for removal. Certain arrests, particularly those involving serious crimes or convictions, may be considered public information and remain accessible to the public. However, in cases where the arrest did not lead to a conviction or the charges were dropped, individuals may have a stronger chance of having their records removed.

By following the appropriate procedures and meeting the necessary criteria, individuals can request the removal of their arrest records from Washington Parish Arrest Records, allowing them to protect their privacy and move forward without the burden of a public arrest record.

Is there a fee for accessing Washington Parish Arrest Records?

Yes, there may be a fee associated with accessing Washington Parish Arrest Records. The specific fee structure and payment methods can vary depending on the platform or service used to access the records.

In the case of Arrests.org, there may be a nominal fee for accessing detailed arrest records, including mugshots, personal details, charges filed, and incarceration status. This fee is typically used to support the maintenance and management of the database, ensuring reliable and up-to-date information for users.

It is important to note that while there may be a fee for accessing Washington Parish Arrest Records, the cost is often minimal and serves as a means to sustain the service and provide continued access to valuable information. The fee structure, if applicable, will be indicated during the search or registration process, allowing users to make an informed decision.