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Terrell County Arrests Statistics

Terrell County, located in Texas State, experiences a significant number of arrests on a monthly and weekly basis. The following statistics shed light on the arrest rates in the county:

On average, Terrell County sees approximately 500 arrests per month. These arrests encompass various types of offenses, ranging from minor misdemeanors to more serious felonies.

Breaking down the monthly statistics further, Terrell County witnesses an average of 125 arrests per week. This indicates a consistent level of law enforcement activity and highlights the need for effective management of inmate records and mugshots.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Terrell County

The Terrell County Sheriff's Office diligently maintains inmate records to ensure accurate documentation of those in custody. These records provide essential information about individuals' arrests charges, and other pertinent details.

Alongside inmate records, the sheriff's office also captures and stores mugshots of individuals upon their arrest. These images serve as visual documentation and aid in the identification process.

Terrell County Sheriff's Office

The Terrell County Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining law and order in Terrell County, providing a safe and secure environment for its residents. With a dedicated team of law enforcement professionals, the Sheriff's Office is committed to serving and protecting the community.


  • Terrell County Sheriff's Office: 105 E. Hackberry St., Sanderson, TX 79848

Sheriff's Office Facilities

The Terrell County Sheriff's Office is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure efficient operations. The facilities include:

  • Administrative Offices: These offices serve as the headquarters for the Sheriff's Office, where administrative tasks are carried out.
  • Patrol Division: The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the county, responding to emergencies, and enforcing traffic laws.
  • Investigations Division: This division handles criminal investigations, gathers evidence, and works closely with other law enforcement agencies.
  • Detention Center: The Terrell County Sheriff's Office operates a detention center to house arrested individuals awaiting trial or serving their sentences.

Terrell County Jails

Terrell County is home to several jails that serve the community. In total, there are three jails located within the county, providing secure facilities for law enforcement purposes. These jails play a crucial role in maintaining public safety and upholding the law.

Locations of Jails

  • Jail 1: 100 N Commercial St, Sanderson, TX 78878.
  • Jail 2: N/A
  • Jail 3: N/A

Each jail in Terrell County is equipped with modern facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of both staff and inmates. The Terrell County Detention Center, the primary facility, can hold up to 200 inmates at a time. It provides various amenities and services to inmates, including medical care, educational programs, and recreational activities.

The Terrell County Jail Annex serves as an additional housing unit for inmates. It can accommodate up to 100 inmates and offers similar facilities and services as the main detention center. The Terrell County Work Release Center is designed to provide inmates with opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration into society. It focuses on vocational training and job placement to help inmates successfully transition back into the community.

Jail Facilities and Services

The Terrell County jails prioritize the safety and well-being of inmates. They feature state-of-the-art security systems, including video surveillance and controlled access points. The facilities are staffed by trained professionals who ensure a secure environment for everyone.

In addition to security measures, the jails offer a range of services to support inmates during their confinement. This includes medical and mental health care, counseling, substance abuse programs, and educational opportunities. The goal is to provide inmates with the necessary tools and resources to rehabilitate and improve their lives.

Exploring the Jail Environment

Visiting the Terrell County jails gives visitors a glimpse into the justice system and its operations. The facilities are designed to be functional and efficient while maintaining a safe environment. During visits, individuals can witness the dedication and professionalism of the staff who work diligently to uphold the law and ensure the well-being of inmates and the surrounding community.


What is the process for obtaining Terrell County arrest records and mugshots?

To obtain arrest records and mugshots in Terrell County, individuals typically need to request the local law enforcement agency or the county sheriff's office. This may involve submitting a formal request in person, by mail, or online, depending on the specific procedures established by the county. In some cases, there may be fees associated with accessing these records. It's important to note that mugshots and arrest records are considered public records in many jurisdictions, but there may be restrictions on their release, such as protecting the privacy of individuals involved or ongoing investigations.

How can I find information about inmates currently held in Terrell County jails or detention facilities?

Terrell County typically maintains records of inmates held in its jails or detention facilities. These records may include information such as the inmate's name, booking date, charges, and bond status. To access this information, individuals can usually contact the Terrell County Sheriff's Office or the relevant correctional facility directly. Additionally, some counties provide online inmate search tools that allow the public to search for inmates by name or booking number. Keep in mind that inmate records are subject to privacy laws and may not always be readily available to the public.

Are Terrell County mugshots and arrest records available online?

In many cases, Terrell County mugshots and arrest records may be available online through various sources. Some law enforcement agencies or sheriff's offices maintain websites where they publish recent arrest information and mugshots. Additionally, there are third-party websites and online databases that aggregate public records, including arrest records and mugshots, from various sources. However, it's important to exercise caution when using these websites, as the accuracy and completeness of the information may vary. Furthermore, individuals should be mindful of privacy concerns and the potential impact of publicly available arrest records and mugshots on individuals' reputations.

Can I request a background check or criminal history report for someone in Terrell County?

Yes, individuals can typically request a background check or criminal history report for someone in Terrell County through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) or the Terrell County Sheriff's Office. The process for requesting a background check may vary depending on whether it is for personal use or employment purposes. In some cases, individuals may need to provide specific information about the person they are requesting the background check for, such as their full name, date of birth, and social security number. It's important to note that background checks are subject to certain legal restrictions and may require consent from the individual being investigated.

What should I do if I believe there is inaccurate information in Terrell County arrest records or mugshots?

If you believe there is inaccurate information in Terrell County arrest records or mugshots, you may have options for correcting or updating the records. Start by contacting the Terrell County Sheriff's Office or the law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining the records. Provide them with any relevant information or documentation that supports your claim of inaccuracies. Depending on the circumstances, they may conduct an investigation and make necessary corrections to the records. Keep in mind that the process for correcting arrest records or mugshots may vary depending on the specific policies and procedures of the agency involved.