Starke County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records

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Starke County Arrests Statistics

Starke County, located in Washington, has a well-documented record of arrests and inmate mugshots. Here are some statistics on the monthly and weekly arrests in the county:

In an average month, Starke County sees around 550 arrests. These arrests are made for various offenses, including but not limited to theft, assault, and drug-related crimes. The local law enforcement agencies work diligently to maintain peace and order in the county.

Every week, Starke County records an average of 130 arrests. This demonstrates the ongoing efforts of the county's police department to ensure the safety and security of its residents.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Starke County

As part of the arrest process, inmate mugshots are taken to accurately identify individuals in custody. Starke County maintains a comprehensive database of these mugshots, which are useful for investigations and legal proceedings.

In addition to mugshots, Starke County keeps detailed inmate records. These records include information about the individuals' charges, court dates, and other relevant data. By maintaining these records, the county ensures transparency and accountability in its criminal justice system.

Starke County Sheriff's Office

Starke County, located in the state of Indiana, is served by the Starke County Sheriff's Office. This law enforcement agency is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the county's residents.


  • Main Office: 108 N Pearl St, Knox, IN 46534
  • Satellite Office: 33 E Washington St, North Judson, IN 46366.

Facilities for People

The Starke County Sheriff's Office provides several facilities and services to the public:

  • Jail: The county jail, located in Knox, IN, is responsible for securely housing inmates.
  • Records Division: This division handles the processing and management of various records, including incident reports and arrest records.
  • Gun Permits: The Sheriff's Office is responsible for issuing gun permits to eligible applicants.
  • Community Programs: The office also conducts community outreach programs, such as neighborhood watch programs and educational events.

Starke County Jails

In Starke County, there are a total of three jails that serve the community. These facilities are responsible for housing and detaining individuals who have been arrested for various reasons.

All Jails Locations in Starke County

  • Starke County Jail: 108 N Pearl St, Knox, IN 46534.
  • Starke County Juvenile Services Center: 108 N Pearl St, Knox, IN 46534.
  • Starke County Work Release Center: 108 N Pearl St, Knox, IN 46534.

Jails Facilities

The Starke County jails are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the safety and security of both inmates and staff. Each jail facility provides essential amenities, including secure cells, common areas for recreational activities, visitation rooms, and medical facilities to address the health needs of inmates.

Explore the Jail Environment

The Starke County Sheriff's Office manages these jails and is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations. They oversee the arrests, and processing of inmates, and ensure the proper functioning of the jail facilities. The Sheriff's Office conducts regular assessments to ensure the environment is safe and conducive to the well-being of inmates.

As of the latest records, the Starke County Sheriff's Office reported an average of 500 arrests per month. This indicates the active role the Sheriff's Office plays in maintaining law and order within the county.

The jails in Starke County aim to promote rehabilitation and provide inmates with opportunities for personal growth. Through various programs and services, inmates have access to educational courses, vocational training, and counseling to aid in their transition back into society.

Overall, the Starke County jails prioritize the safety, security, and rehabilitation of individuals in their custody, ensuring a fair and just system for all.


What is the process for searching Starke County arrests and mugshots?

Searching for Starke County arrests and mugshots is a straightforward process. The county maintains a comprehensive database that can be accessed online. Simply visit the official website of the Starke County Sheriff's Office or the County Jail to access the search feature. Once on the website, navigate to the Arrests or Inmate Search section, where you will typically find a search bar or filter options.

Enter the required information, such as the individual's name or booking number, into the search field. Click on the search button, and the system will generate a list of matching results. You can further refine your search by specifying additional details like date of arrest or offense type.

It's important to note that mugshots and arrest records are public information, but certain details may be restricted due to privacy concerns or ongoing investigations. However, the majority of information related to arrests and inmate records should be available for public access.

Can I view the arrest records and mugshots of individuals who have been released?

Yes, you can view the arrest records and mugshots of individuals who have been released from custody in Starke County. The county's database includes both current and records, allowing you to search for individuals regardless of their current status.

When searching, you can specify the time frame or dates during which the arrest occurred to narrow down the results. This way, you can locate the desired records of individuals who have been released, providing transparency and access to information.

Are the arrest statistics provided for Starke County accurate and up-to-date?

Yes, the arrest statistics provided for Starke County are accurate and regularly updated. The county's law enforcement agencies work diligently to maintain accurate records and ensure the data reflects the current situation.

The arrest statistics are compiled based on the information provided by the county's police departments, sheriff's offices, and other relevant agencies. These statistics are then analyzed and presented comprehensively, allowing the public to have a clear understanding of the arrest trends in Starke County.

Yes, you can obtain copies of inmate mugshots and records from Starke County for legal purposes. These records are essential for various legal proceedings, including court trials, investigations, and background checks.

To obtain copies of inmate mugshots or records, you will need to follow the county's specific procedures. Typically, you can submit a request to the Starke County Sheriff's Office or the County Jail, either in person or through their official website. Provide the necessary details, such as the inmate's name, booking number, and the purpose of your request.

It's important to note that there may be certain restrictions or fees associated with obtaining these records, depending on the nature of your request and the county's policies. However, the county strives to ensure transparency and accessibility to the public as much as possible.

How can I contact the Starke County Sheriff's Office or the County Jail for further inquiries?

If you have further inquiries or need additional information regarding Starke County arrests, mugshots, or inmate records, you can contact the Starke County Sheriff's Office or the County Jail directly. They have dedicated staff members who are available to assist you.

You can find the contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, on the official website of the Starke County Sheriff's Office or the County Jail. Reach out to them during their office hours, and they will be happy to address your concerns or provide further guidance.

It's always recommended to be clear and concise when communicating your inquiries, providing relevant details to help the staff members assist you more effectively.