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Stanly County Arrests Statistics

In Stanly County, there is a significant number of arrests occurring on a monthly and weekly basis. The county's law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of its residents.

On average, there are around 470 arrests made in Stanly County each month. These arrests encompass a wide range of criminal offenses, including but not limited to theft, assault, drug-related crimes, and traffic violations.

Breaking it down further, Stanly County witnesses an average of 120 arrests per week. This demonstrates the active nature of law enforcement in the county, ensuring that individuals who violate the law are apprehended and held accountable for their actions.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Stanly County

As part of the arrest process, mugshots are taken for documentation purposes. These photographs serve as visual records of individuals who have been arrested in Stanly County. Inmate records are also maintained to track the status and location of individuals who are currently incarcerated or have been previously incarcerated.

By providing accurate and up-to-date information on arrests, mugshots, and inmate records, Stanly County aims to promote transparency and public awareness regarding law enforcement activities within the community.

Stanly County Sheriff's Office

The Stanly County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to serving and protecting the residents of Stanly County, North Carolina. With a strong presence in the community, the Sheriff's Office works tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

Stanly County has one main Sheriff's Office located in the county seat of Albemarle. This office is responsible for overseeing law enforcement activities throughout the county.


  • Sheriff's Office: 223 South 2nd Street, Albemarle, North Carolina 28001.

Facilities for People and Sheriff's

The Sheriff's Office provides various facilities to better serve the community:

Detention Center

The Stanly County Detention Center is responsible for securely housing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or serving a sentence. It can hold up to 200 inmates.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for responding to emergency calls, enforcing traffic laws, and conducting proactive patrols throughout the county. They work around the clock to ensure the safety of the community.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for investigating and solving crimes that occur within Stanly County. They work closely with other law enforcement agencies to gather evidence, conduct interviews, and bring offenders to justice.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division handles specialized units such as SWAT, K-9, and Narcotics. They are trained to handle high-risk situations and provide support to other divisions when needed.

Stanly County Jails

Stanly County, located in the state of North Carolina, is home to several jails that serve the community. These jails play a crucial role in maintaining law and order within the county.

All Jails Locations

  • Main County Jail: 201 S. 2nd St., Albemarle, NC 28001.
  • Annex Jail: 120 W. South St., Albemarle, NC 28001.
  • Minimum Security Facility: 124 W. South St., Albemarle, NC 28001.

Jail Facilities

The main county jail is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of the inmates. It has separate cell blocks for different categories of offenders, including male, female, and juvenile detainees. The jail facility can accommodate up to 200 inmates at a time.

Within the main county jail, there are various amenities available to the inmates, such as a library, recreational areas, and educational programs. The goal is to provide a rehabilitative environment that promotes personal growth and development.

The Stanly County Sheriff's Office handles all arrests and oversees the jail facilities. On average, the sheriff's office processes approximately 6,000 arrests per year. The dedicated staff ensures that all inmates are treated fairly and are provided with the necessary resources to facilitate their rehabilitation.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The jail environment is designed to maintain security while also offering opportunities for inmates to reform and reintegrate into society. Inmates have access to vocational training programs, counseling services, and substance abuse treatment programs.

The jail also emphasizes educational opportunities, providing classes on basic literacy, GED preparation, and life skills. Inmates are encouraged to participate in these programs to enhance their chances of successful reintegration into the community upon release.

Overall, Stanly County's jails are committed to ensuring the safety of the community while also providing inmates with the necessary tools to turn their lives around. Through a combination of secure facilities, comprehensive programs, and a supportive environment, the county aims to reduce recidivism rates and foster positive change.


How can I access the Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub?

To access the Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub, you can visit the official website of the Stanly County law enforcement agency. On their website, there should be a dedicated section or tab specifically for arrests, mugshots, and inmate records. Click on that section to gain access to the desired information.

What information can I find in the Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub?

The Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub provides comprehensive information about individuals who have been arrested within the county. This includes mugshots, which are visual records of the arrested individuals, as well as inmate records that track the status and location of current or past inmates. The hub also offers details about the nature of the offenses committed and any additional relevant information related to the arrests.

Can I search for specific individuals in the Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub?

Absolutely! The Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub typically allows users to search for specific individuals. You can use filters such as name, date of birth, or booking number to narrow down your search and locate the desired mugshots and inmate records. This search functionality enables you to find information about specific individuals who have been arrested in Stanly County.

How can I report inaccuracies or request the removal of mugshots or inmate records?

If you come across any inaccuracies in the mugshots or inmate records displayed on the Stanly County Arrests: Mugshots and Inmate Records Hub, it is recommended to contact the relevant law enforcement agency directly. They will guide you through the process of reporting inaccuracies or submitting a removal request. Keep in mind that any removal requests will be subject to the policies and regulations set forth by the law enforcement agency and governing authorities.