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Statistics on Arrests in Sampson County

Every month, an average of 500 arrests are made in Sampson County, with a weekly average of 100 arrests. These numbers indicate the level of criminal activity in the area.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Sampson County

Sampson County maintains detailed records of mugshots and inmate information. These records provide crucial information for law enforcement agencies and the public.

Sampson County Sheriff's Office

There is one main Sampson County Sheriff's Office located in Clinton, North Carolina.


The Sampson County Sheriff's Office is located at 112 Fontana Street, Clinton, NC 2832


The Sheriff's Office provides various facilities to serve the community:

Administrative Building

The administrative building houses the sheriff's office personnel, including the sheriff, deputies, and administrative staff.

Detention Center

The detention center is responsible for housing and maintaining inmates who have been arrested in Sampson County.

Patrol Division

The patrol division ensures the safety and security of the county by conducting regular patrols and responding to emergency calls.

Criminal Investigations Division

The criminal investigations division is responsible for investigating crimes, collecting evidence, and assisting in the prosecution of offenders.

Special Operations Division

The special operations division handles specialized units such as SWAT, K-9, and narcotics enforcement.

Jails in Sampson County

Sampson County has a total of three jails that serve the community. These jails are responsible for housing and managing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or have been sentenced.

All Jails Locations

  • Sampson County Detention Center - Located at 112 Fontana Street, Clinton, NC
  • Sampson County Jail Annex - Located at 126 Fontana Street, Clinton, NC
  • Sampson County Pre-Release Center - Located at 116 Fontana Street, Clinton, NC

Jail Facilities

The jails in Sampson County are equipped with modern facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of the inmates. Each facility is equipped with secure cells, common areas, and medical facilities to meet the basic needs of the inmates. Additionally, the jails have visitation areas where family and friends can meet with the inmates during designated hours.

Jail Environment

The Sampson County jails strive to provide a safe and secure environment for both inmates and staff. The facilities are staffed by trained professionals who ensure the proper supervision and care of the inmates. The jails also offer various educational and vocational programs to help inmates rehabilitate and prepare for their reintegration into society.

As of the latest available data, the Sampson County Sheriff's Office reports an average of 200 arrests per month. The Sheriff's Office works closely with the jail facilities to process and house these individuals, ensuring their safety and the safety of the community.


How many arrests are made on average in Sampson County each month?

Every month, an average of 500 arrests are made in Sampson County. This number indicates the level of criminal activity in the area and the need for effective law enforcement measures.

What is the weekly average of arrests in Sampson County?

The weekly average of arrests in Sampson County is around 100. This statistic helps to understand the frequency of arrests and the ongoing efforts to maintain public safety in the county.

Why are mugshots and inmate records important?

Mugshots and inmate records are crucial for law enforcement agencies and the public. They provide detailed information about individuals who have been arrested, helping to identify suspects, track criminal history, and ensure transparency in the legal system.