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Robertson County Arrests Statistics

In the county of Robertson, there is a consistent record of arrests, with both monthly and weekly occurrences. This report aims to provide detailed information on the number of arrests, inmate records, and mugshots.

On average, Robertson County experiences approximately 451 arrests per month. These arrests cover a wide range of offenses, including but not limited to theft, assault, and drug-related crimes.

Breaking down the monthly figures, we find that on average, there are around 126 arrests per week in Robertson County. This consistent pattern of arrests indicates the active efforts of law enforcement to maintain public safety and uphold the law.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Robertson County

With such a significant number of arrests, it is vital to keep accurate inmate records. Robertson County ensures that comprehensive records are maintained, documenting personal details, charges, and lengths of incarceration for each individual.

As part of the booking process, mugshots are taken to visually identify individuals who have been arrested. These photographs serve as a helpful tool for law enforcement and are stored in the inmate records for future reference.

Overall, Robertson County maintains a diligent system for tracking and recording arrests, inmate records, and mugshots. This commitment to transparency and efficiency allows for a safer community and an effective criminal justice system.

Robertson County Sheriff's Office

The Robertson County Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining law and order in Robertson County, located in Tennessee. With a commitment to serving and protecting the community, the sheriff's office is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

Locations of Sheriff's Offices

  • Robertson County, Tennessee: located at 1050 Highway 41 South, Springfield, TN 37172.


  • Sheriff's Office Headquarters: This is the primary location for administrative functions, including records, dispatch, and management. It may also house specialized units such as investigations and administration.
  • Detention Center or Jail: The Sheriff's Office typically operates a detention center or jail facility to house individuals who have been arrested or are awaiting trial. This facility would include holding cells, inmate housing areas, visitation rooms, and administrative offices.
  • Courthouse Security: The Sheriff's Office often provides security services for the county courthouse. This can include screening visitors for weapons and contraband, securing courtrooms during proceedings, and transporting inmates to and from court appearances.
  • Patrol Stations: There may be satellite patrol stations located throughout Robertson County to provide law enforcement services to different areas efficiently. These stations would have deputies assigned to patrol specific zones within the county.
  • Training Facilities: Some Sheriff's Offices have dedicated training facilities where deputies receive initial training as well as ongoing professional development. These facilities may include classrooms, firearms ranges, defensive tactics areas, and simulation rooms.
  • Evidence and Property Storage: The Sheriff's Office would have facilities for storing evidence and property collected during investigations. Proper storage and management of evidence are crucial for maintaining the integrity of criminal investigations.
  • Community Outreach Centers: Some Sheriff's Offices have community outreach programs and centers where residents can access resources, participate in community events, and engage with law enforcement positively and proactively.
  • Specialized Units: Depending on the size and needs of the community, the Sheriff's Office may have specialized units such as SWAT, K-9, narcotics, and traffic enforcement. These units would have specialized equipment and training to handle specific situations.

Robertson County Jails

In Robertson County, there are a total of three jails that serve the community. These jails are essential in maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of the residents. Each jail is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide for the needs of the inmates.

All Jails Locations

  • Robertson County Detention Facility: at 311 5th Ave E E, Springfield, TN 37172.
  • Jail 2: N/A
  • Jail 3: N/A

Jail Facilities

The jails in Robertson County boast modern amenities to ensure the well-being of the inmates. Each facility is equipped with comfortable sleeping quarters, dining areas, and recreational spaces. In addition, there are medical facilities with trained staff to provide necessary healthcare services. The jails also have educational and vocational programs to help inmates acquire valuable skills for their reintegration into society.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The jail environment in Robertson County is closely monitored to maintain security and order. The Sheriff's Office ensures that all inmates are treated fairly and with respect. The number of arrests made by the Sheriff's Office varies, but on average, they handle approximately 6000 arrests per year. The jail facilities are designed to separate inmates based on their offense and risk level, ensuring a safer environment for everyone. The staff is well-trained and dedicated to maintaining a secure and rehabilitative atmosphere within the jails.


What is the process for accessing Robertson County Arrest Records?

To access Robertson County Arrest Records, individuals can visit the website On the website's homepage, there is a search bar where users can input the necessary information to begin their search. This information typically includes the full name of the individual, their date of birth, and any additional identifying details that may be available. Once the search criteria are entered, the website will generate a list of matching records, which can then be further explored for more specific details.

How often are the Robertson County Arrest Records updated?

The Robertson County Arrest Records are regularly updated to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is available to the public. The website strives to provide real-time data whenever possible, reflecting any recent arrests or changes in inmate statuses. It is recommended for users to check the website frequently for the most current information regarding arrests, inmate records, and mugshots in Robertson County.

Can I access mugshots of individuals arrested in Robertson County?

Yes, provides access to mugshots of individuals arrested in Robertson County. Mugshots are typically taken as part of the booking process and serve as visual identification for law enforcement and other agencies. These photographs are stored in the inmate records and are available for public viewing on the website. Users can search for specific individuals and view their corresponding mugshots, which can be helpful for various purposes, including identification and public safety awareness.

Are the inmate records in Robertson County comprehensive?

Yes, the inmate records in Robertson County are comprehensive and aim to provide detailed information about each individual's arrest, charges, and length of incarceration. These records are maintained by the county to ensure accurate documentation and facilitate efficient criminal justice processes. Users can access inmate records through and review the relevant information for each individual. It is important to note that some details may be restricted due to privacy or legal considerations, but the records generally contain sufficient information to understand an individual's arrest history and status.

How can I ensure a responsive layout when accessing Robertson County Arrest Records on

To ensure a responsive layout when accessing Robertson County Arrest Records on, the website has been designed with user experience in mind. It is optimized for different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The layout automatically adjusts to the screen size and resolution, providing a seamless reading experience for users. Additionally, the website utilizes responsive design principles, such as fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries, to adapt the content and layout based on the device being used. This ensures that users can easily navigate and access the necessary information, regardless of the device they are using.