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Pemiscot County Arrests Statistics

Pemiscot County is located in the state of Missouri and has a significant number of arrests each month and week. The county has an average of 550 arrests per month and around 130 arrests per week.

Mugshots in Pemiscot County

Pemiscot County maintains detailed mugshot records for all individuals who have been arrested within its jurisdiction. These mugshots provide visual identification of the arrested individuals and are kept on file for reference and legal purposes.

Inmate Records in Pemiscot County

Pemiscot County also keeps comprehensive inmate records that contain important information about individuals who are currently serving time or have previously been incarcerated within the county. These records include details such as the inmate's name, age, charges, and sentencing information.

Pemiscot County Sheriff's Office


  • Pemiscot County Sheriff's Office is located: Caruthersville, Missouri. 800 Ward Avenue, Caruthersville, MO 63830


The Sheriff's Office provides various facilities to serve the people of Pemiscot County. These facilities include:

  • Administrative offices: The Sheriff's Office has dedicated administrative offices where citizens can inquire about services, report incidents, and seek assistance.
  • Detention Center: The Sheriff's Office operates a detention center to house individuals who have been arrested. The center ensures the safety and security of both inmates and staff.
  • Training facilities: The Sheriff's Office has training facilities where law enforcement personnel receive ongoing training to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Pemiscot County Jails

In Pemiscot County, there are a total of three jails that serve the community. These jails provide essential facilities for the incarceration and rehabilitation of individuals who have been convicted of crimes.

All Jails Locations in Pemiscot County

  • Pemiscot County Jail - Located at 800 Ward Avenue, Caruthersville, Missouri
  • Hayti City Jail - Situated at 333 South 3rd Street, Hayti, Missouri
  • Steele City Jail - Found at 204 South Walnut Street, Steele, Missouri

These jails offer various amenities and services to ensure the well-being of inmates. Each facility provides secure cells, common areas, and recreational spaces. Additionally, they have medical facilities with trained staff to address any health concerns.

The Pemiscot County Sheriff's Office oversees the jails and is responsible for the safety and security of both inmates and staff. With a dedicated team of professionals, the sheriff's office ensures that all necessary protocols are followed to maintain a controlled and orderly environment within the jails.

On average, the Pemiscot County Sheriff's Office makes approximately 6000 arrests per year. This number reflects the commitment of law enforcement to uphold justice and maintain public safety within the county.

Exploring the jail environment further reveals a structured system that focuses on rehabilitation. Inmates have access to educational programs, vocational training, and counseling services aimed at reducing recidivism rates. The goal is to provide individuals with the tools and support they need to reintegrate into society successfully.


What is the population of Pemiscot County, and what are its major towns?

Pemiscot County, situated in southeastern Missouri, boasted a population of around 16,500 according to the latest census data in 2023. Caruthersville, the largest town, functions as the county seat, while other notable communities include Hayti, Steele, and Wardell. This geographic and demographic overview provides a glimpse into the county's composition and key population centers.

What are the main industries and economic drivers in Pemiscot County?

Pemiscot County has a diverse economic landscape, with agriculture playing a crucial role. The county's fertile soil supports the cultivation of crops such as cotton, soybeans, and rice. Additionally, the region has a significant presence in agribusiness, including grain processing and distribution. The county also benefits from industries like manufacturing and healthcare, contributing to its overall economic stability.

What recreational opportunities are available in Pemiscot County?

Pemiscot County offers various recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. Reelfoot Lake, located just across the border in Tennessee, provides opportunities for fishing, boating, and birdwatching. The county also has parks, golf courses, and community events throughout the year. Additionally, the historical and cultural heritage of the region is celebrated through local festivals and museums, providing a glimpse into Pemiscot County's rich history.

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If you believe there is an error in a Mugshot or Inmate Record on, it is recommended to contact the relevant county authorities or law enforcement agencies directly. They will be able to provide accurate and updated information regarding the individual in question. serves as a platform to aggregate and display public information, and any discrepancies or errors should be addressed with the appropriate authorities for resolution.

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