Niobrara County Arrests: Mugshots & Inmate Records

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Niobrara County Arrests Statistics

Niobrara County is a county located in the state of Wyoming. It has a relatively low crime rate compared to other counties in the state. The county experiences an average of 550 monthly arrests and 140 weekly arrests.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Niobrara County

Niobrara County maintains a comprehensive database of mugshots and inmate records. These records provide detailed information about individuals who have been arrested and incarcerated within the county.

Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office


  • Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office located at: 1003 West 11th Street


The Sheriff’s Office in Lusk provides various facilities for the public and the Sheriff’s personnel:

Administrative Office

The administrative office is responsible for handling paperwork, records, and managing the overall operations of the Sheriff’s Office.

Dispatch Center

The dispatch center is responsible for handling emergency and non-emergency calls, dispatching deputies, and coordinating with other emergency response agencies.

Detention Center

The detention center is responsible for housing and ensuring the safety of individuals who have been arrested by the Sheriff’s Office. The number of arrests made by the Sheriff’s Office varies and can be obtained from official records.

Training Facility

The Sheriff’s Office has a dedicated training facility to provide ongoing training and development for its personnel, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve the community effectively.

Niobrara County Jails

Niobrara County, located in the state of Wyoming, has a well-structured jail system in place to maintain law and order within the county. The county operates a total of three jails, ensuring the safety and security of its residents.

Jails Locations

  • Niobrara County Detention Center is located at: 416 South Elm Street, Lusk, WY, 82225
  • Niobrara County Juvenile Detention Center: This specialized facility is designed to cater to the needs of juvenile offenders. It provides a safe and secure environment for rehabilitation and education for the county’s young offenders: Address N/A
  • Niobrara County Work Release Center: This facility offers a unique opportunity for eligible inmates to reintegrate into society. Inmates are allowed to work in the community during the day and return to the center in the evening. This program aims to facilitate a smooth transition back into society upon release: Address N/A

Jail Facilities and Amenities

The Niobrara County jails are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the well-being of inmates. Each facility provides comfortable living quarters, nutritious meals, and access to medical services. Additionally, inmates have access to educational and vocational programs aimed at improving their skills and increasing their chances of successful reintegration into society.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The jail environment in Niobrara County is designed to prioritize the safety and security of both inmates and staff. The facilities adhere to strict protocols and guidelines to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. Inmates receive regular counseling and support services to address any underlying issues contributing to their incarceration.

The Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office oversees the operation of these jails. They work tirelessly to maintain a safe and secure environment for inmates and the community alike. The Sheriff’s Office handles numerous arrests and bookings throughout the year, ensuring that individuals who pose a threat to society are apprehended and brought to justice.


Where is Niobrara County located and what is its significance?

Niobrara County, situated in the northeastern region of Wyoming, was established in 1911 and has since become known for its rural charm, picturesque landscapes, and the historic town of Lusk. This county holds a special place in Wyoming’s history, particularly in the realms of agriculture and ranching, contributing significantly to the state’s rich Western heritage. Niobrara County’s legacy is intertwined with its scenic beauty and the cultural significance of Lusk, maki

What natural attractions can be found in Niobrara County?

Niobrara County is a haven for nature enthusiasts, featuring diverse natural attractions like segments of the Thunder Basin National Grassland. Visitors can immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of Hat Creek Breaks and marvel at the unique geological formations found throughout the area. The county’s appeal extends beyond its landscapes, offering a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and wildlife photography. Niobrara County stands as a serene destination in the heart of Wyoming, inviting exploration and providing a tranquil experience for those seeking to connect with the natural wonders of the region.

Are there any notable historical sites or events in Niobrara County?

Niobrara County takes pride in its historical legacy, evident in the numerous sites that reflect its rich past. Lusk, the county seat, boasts historic buildings and landmarks, among which the Stagecoach Museum stands out. This museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits, offering a glimpse into the pioneer days that shaped the region. Niobrara County’s deep ranching history is also showcased through historical sites like old cattle trails and ranching communities, underscoring their vital role in shaping the county’s cultural identity. Visitors can explore these historical gems to gain a deeper appreciation for Niobrara County’s unique and storied heritage.