Neosho County Arrests: Mugshots & Inmate Records

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Neosho County Arrests Statistics

Neosho County Arrests Statistics reveal a comprehensive overview of law enforcement activities within the region. By examining these statistics, one can gain insights into the prevalence of various offenses, aiding in the formulation of targeted crime prevention strategies. These data points serve as a valuable resource for both policymakers and the community, fostering transparency and informed decision-making.

Monthly and Weekly Arrests in Neosho County

In Neosho County, there is a significant number of arrests occurring on a regular basis. On average, there are approximately 550 arrests every month and 140 arrests every week. These numbers highlight the active law enforcement presence in the county.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Neosho County

Neosho County maintains comprehensive records of mugshots and inmate information. These records provide valuable details about individuals who have been arrested and incarcerated within the county.

With a thorough documentation process, Neosho County law enforcement ensures that accurate and up-to-date mugshots and inmate records are available. These records serve as crucial resources for legal proceedings and public safety.

By providing detailed information on mugshots and inmate records, Neosho County promotes transparency and accountability within the criminal justice system.

Neosho County Sheriff's Office


  • Neosho County Sheriff's Office is located at: 402 E State Street, Erie, KS 66733

Sheriff's Office Facilities

The Neosho County Sheriff's Office provides various facilities to assist the community:

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Detention Center
  • Investigation Unit
  • Records Division
  • Community Outreach Programs

Neosho County Jails

Neosho County has a total of three jails, providing secure facilities for the detention of individuals involved in criminal activities. These jails are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and are staffed by well-trained professionals to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff.

All Jails Locations

  • Neosho County Detention Facility is located at: 402 East State Street, Erie, KS 66733
  • Southside Detention Center - Situated in the southern part of the county: Address N/A
  • North County Correctional Facility - Positioned in the northern region of Neosho County: Address N/A

Each jail facility offers comprehensive amenities and services to cater to the needs of the incarcerated individuals. These include comfortable living quarters, nutritious meals, medical care, and access to educational and recreational programs. The staff at these facilities is committed to ensuring the well-being and rehabilitation of the inmates, providing them with opportunities to improve their lives during their time of confinement.

Explore the Jail Environment

In Neosho County, the Sheriff's Office jail facilities are known for their efficient operation and adherence to strict security protocols. With a total of 6,000 arrests made annually, the Sheriff's Office plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order within the county.

The jail environment is designed to promote safety and security while also offering opportunities for inmates to reform and reintegrate into society. The facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance systems, secure inmate housing units, and dedicated areas for visitation. The Sheriff's Office ensures that all inmates are treated with dignity and respect while maintaining a firm and disciplined environment.


How can I access Mugshots and Inmate Records in Neosho County?

To access Mugshots and Inmate Records in Neosho County, you can utilize the resources provided by the county's law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. These resources aim to promote transparency and ensure the availability of accurate and up-to-date information.

One way to access Mugshots and Inmate Records is through the official website of Neosho County law enforcement. They may have an online portal or database where you can search for specific individuals or browse through recent arrests. This platform might require you to input certain details such as the person's name, booking number, or date of arrest.

Additionally, you can visit the local sheriff's office or the county jail in person to request access to Mugshots and Inmate Records. They may have a public records department or designated staff who can assist you in obtaining the required information. It's essential to follow the proper procedures and provide valid identification when making such requests.

Are the Mugshots and Inmate Records regularly updated in Neosho County?

Yes, Neosho County law enforcement agencies have a thorough documentation process in place to ensure the regular update of Mugshots and Inmate Records. They understand the importance of accurate and up-to-date information for legal proceedings, public safety, and transparency.

Whenever there is a new arrest or change in the inmate's status, such as release or transfer, it is recorded in the system. This includes updating the mugshot, charges, court dates, and any other relevant details. By keeping these records current, Neosho County enables the proper functioning of the criminal justice system.

It's important to note that there might be a slight delay in updating the records due to administrative procedures or the volume of arrests. However, the law enforcement agencies strive to maintain the records as promptly as possible to provide accurate information to the public.

Can I view Mugshots and Inmate Records for free in Neosho County?

Yes, in Neosho County, you can often view Mugshots and Inmate Records for free. The county recognizes the importance of public access to such information, and they strive to make it easily available to the community.

As mentioned earlier, the official website of Neosho County law enforcement may have an online portal or database where you can search for Mugshots and Inmate Records without any cost. This platform is designed to provide public access to the records while ensuring user privacy and security.

However, it's important to note that certain restrictions or limitations might apply. For example, you may be restricted from accessing certain sensitive information or confidential records, especially if they are related to ongoing investigations or involve minors. Additionally, some specific details might require a formal request and could involve a nominal fee for processing.

How many arrests occur in Neosho County on a monthly and weekly basis?

In Neosho County, there is a significant number of arrests occurring on a regular basis. On average, there are approximately 550 arrests every month and 140 arrests every week. These numbers highlight the active law enforcement presence in the county.

The frequency of arrests in Neosho County indicates the commitment of law enforcement agencies to maintain public safety and enforce the law. These arrests encompass various offenses, including but not limited to crimes against persons, property crimes, drug-related offenses, and traffic violations.