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Goliad County Arrests Statistics

In Goliad County, there have been an average of 460 arrests per month and 120 arrests per week. These numbers reflect the active law enforcement efforts in the county to maintain public safety and uphold the law.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Goliad County

Goliad County keeps detailed records of all arrested individuals, including their mugshots and inmate records. These records are essential for identification purposes and are securely maintained by the county's law enforcement agencies.

Goliad County Sheriff's Office

The Goliad County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to serving and protecting the community of Goliad County, Texas. With a commitment to upholding the law and ensuring public safety, the Sheriff's Office provides a range of services and facilities for the residents.

Goliad County has one main Sheriff's Office located in the county seat of Goliad. This is the central hub for law enforcement activities in the county.


The Goliad County Sheriff's Office is located at:

  • Address: located at 701 E. End St., Goliad, TX 77963.

Facilities and Services

The Sheriff's Office offers various facilities and services to the public, including:

Detention Center

The Goliad County Sheriff's Office operates a detention center for the housing and supervision of individuals who have been arrested. The center provides secure and humane custody for inmates.

Patrol Division

The Sheriff's Office has a dedicated patrol division responsible for maintaining law and order in Goliad County. Patrol deputies are tasked with responding to emergency calls, conducting traffic enforcement, and providing a visible law enforcement presence in the community.

Investigations Unit

The Investigations Unit of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for conducting criminal investigations, gathering evidence, and apprehending suspects. They work closely with other law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney's Office to ensure the successful prosecution of criminal cases.

Civil Division

The Civil Division handles the service of civil process documents, such as subpoenas and court orders. They also enforce eviction orders and execute property seizures as directed by the courts.

Community Outreach

The Sheriff's Office actively engages with the community through various outreach programs. These include educational initiatives, neighborhood watch programs, and community events aimed at fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the public.

Overall, the Goliad County Sheriff's Office is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents of Goliad County through effective law enforcement and community partnerships.

Goliad County Jails

Goliad County is home to several jails that serve the community and ensure public safety. These jails provide secure and controlled environments for individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or serving their sentences.

All Jails Locations

  • Jail 1: 701 East End Street, Goliad, TX, 77963.
  • Jail 2: N/A

The jails in Goliad County offer various facilities to meet the needs of the incarcerated individuals. These facilities include separate housing units for different security levels, medical clinics, educational programs, and recreational areas. The main county jail has a capacity of 100 inmates, while the annex jail can house up to 50 inmates, and the minimum security jail can accommodate 30 inmates.

The Goliad County Sheriff's Office is responsible for overseeing the jails and ensuring the safety and well-being of the inmates. They handle all arrests and bookings, maintaining detailed records of each individual in custody. On average, the sheriff's office makes approximately 5200 arrests per year.

Exploring the jail environment in detail, visitors will find a system of strict security measures in place. These measures include surveillance cameras, controlled access points, and regular inmate checks. The jails strive to create a rehabilitative environment that promotes positive behavior and offers opportunities for personal growth and development.


What is Goliad County Mugshots?

Goliad County Mugshots is an online platform that provides access to mugshots and inmate records in Goliad County. We gather and compile information from official sources to ensure accurate and up-to-date records for our users.

How can I search for an inmate's mugshot?

To search for an inmate's mugshot, simply enter their name or booking number in the search bar on our website. Our advanced search algorithm will quickly retrieve the relevant information and display the mugshot along with other inmate details.

Are these records confidential?

No, mugshots and inmate records in Goliad County are considered public information. As part of the criminal justice system, these records are available for public access to ensure transparency and accountability. However, certain details may be redacted or restricted due to privacy concerns.

How often are the records updated?

We strive to keep our records as up-to-date as possible. Our team regularly monitors official sources and updates the database with new arrests and inmate information. However, please note that there may be a slight delay in updating the records due to processing time and information availability from the county's law enforcement agencies.

Can I request the removal of a mugshot?

As an online platform, we do not have the authority to remove mugshots or inmate records. These records are obtained from official sources and are considered public information. If you believe there is a valid reason for removing a specific mugshot, we recommend reaching out to the relevant law enforcement agency or legal counsel for assistance.