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Gentry County Arrests Statistics

Based on recent data, Gentry County has seen a significant number of arrests on a monthly and weekly basis. On average, there are approximately 469 arrests in a month and around 123 arrests in a week.

Mugshots and Inmate Records in Gentry County

The county maintains a comprehensive database of mugshots and inmate records. These records are regularly updated and easily accessible for law enforcement officials and the public.

With a high number of arrests reported annually, Gentry County takes criminal activity seriously and ensures that accurate records are maintained. The county's commitment to public safety is evident through its detailed documentation of arrest records, providing valuable insights into the local law enforcement efforts.

Gentry County Sheriff's Offices

In Gentry County, there are a total of 3 sheriff offices serving the community. These offices are strategically located in different areas to ensure efficient coverage and response times.


  • Sheriff's Office 1: located at 101 E. 2nd St., Albany, MO 64402.
  • Sheriff's Office 2: N/A
  • Sheriff's Office 3: N/A

Gentry County Jails

In Gentry County, there are a total of three jails that serve the community. These jails are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and are maintained to ensure the safety and security of all inmates.

Location of Jails in Gentry County

  • Jail 1: located at 405 West Clay, Albany, MO, 64402
  • Jail 2: N/A
  • Jail 3: N/A

Jail Facilities

Each jail in Gentry County is equipped with modern amenities to provide inmates with a comfortable environment during their confinement. The facilities include spacious cells, clean and hygienic living areas, and access to healthcare services. Additionally, the jails have dedicated areas for recreational activities and educational programs to support the rehabilitation of inmates.

Exploring the Jail Environment

Gentry County jails are designed to prioritize the safety of both inmates and staff members. The jails strictly adhere to all necessary security protocols to ensure a controlled and secure environment. The facilities are staffed with well-trained professionals who maintain order and monitor the activities within the jails. Furthermore, the jails have implemented advanced surveillance systems to enhance security measures.

As per the latest records, the Gentry County Sheriff's Office has made a significant number of arrests, resulting in a steady population in the jails. Currently, the total number of arrests stands at 100. The sheriff's office works diligently to ensure that all inmates are housed in a secure and supportive environment.


How can I access Gentry County Arrest Records?

Accessing Gentry County Arrest Records is simple and convenient. You can visit the official website of and search for the specific records you are looking for. The website provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate through the available information. Whether you are searching for mugshots or inmate records, offers comprehensive coverage of Gentry County arrest records.

Are the mugshots and inmate records regularly updated?

Yes, the mugshots and inmate records in Gentry County are regularly updated to ensure accuracy and reliability. The county authorities understand the importance of keeping the records up to date, both for law enforcement officials and the general public. By maintaining an updated database, they ensure that the information available is current and valuable for various purposes, including background checks and legal proceedings.

Can I access the arrest records for free?

Yes, accessing the arrest records in Gentry County is free of charge. provides public access to these records as a part of their commitment to transparency and public safety. You can search for the records you need without any cost or subscription fees. However, it is important to note that there may be certain restrictions on the usage of the information obtained, and it is always advisable to use the records responsibly and within the legal boundaries.

How many arrests are reported in Gentry County on a monthly basis?

Based on recent data, Gentry County sees a significant number of arrests on a monthly basis. On average, there are approximately 469 arrests in a month. This indicates the active law enforcement efforts in the county and the commitment to maintaining public safety. The monthly arrest statistics provide an overview of the criminal activity in the area and help in understanding the local law enforcement dynamics.