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Dougherty County Arrest Statistics

Dougherty County, located in the state of Georgia, has a significant number of arrests on a monthly and weekly basis. The county records an average of 500 arrests per month and 130 arrests per week.

Mugshots in Dougherty County

Mugshots are taken as a part of the booking process for individuals who are arrested in Dougherty County. These photographs capture the appearance of the arrested individuals at the time of their arrest. The county maintains a comprehensive collection of mugshots, providing visual records of the arrested individuals.

Inmate Records in Dougherty County

Dougherty County keeps detailed records of inmates who are held in its correctional facilities. These records include information such as the inmate's personal details, charges, and dates of incarceration. The county ensures the accuracy and accessibility of these records, allowing for effective management of the inmate population.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office


Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is located at 222 Pine Avenue, Albany, GA 31701.


The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office provides the following facilities

  • Administrative offices
  • Detention center
  • Training facilities
  • Evidence storage
  • Crime scene investigation unit

Jails in Dougherty County

Dougherty County has a total of 3 jails that are responsible for housing and managing inmates within the county.


  • Dougherty County Jail - located at 1302 Evelyn Avenue, Albany, GA 31705
  • Albany Transitional Center - located at 304 Honeysuckle Drive, Albany, GA 31705
  • Turner Job Corps - located at 2000 Schilling Avenue, Albany, GA 31705

Jails Facilities

The Dougherty County Jail, located at 1302 Evelyn Avenue, Albany, GA 31705, is the main facility responsible for housing the majority of inmates. It has a capacity to house up to 548 inmates and provides various facilities to ensure the well-being and security of the inmates. These facilities include dormitory-style housing units, a medical unit for healthcare needs, educational programs, and recreational areas for physical activities.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The jail environment in Dougherty County is designed to maintain security while also providing necessary resources for inmate rehabilitation. With a dedicated staff of correctional officers, the jails ensure the safety of both inmates and staff. The Sheriff's Office works tirelessly to ensure that the jails operate efficiently and effectively, adhering to all necessary regulations and protocols.

In terms of arrests, the Sheriff's Office in Dougherty County handles an average of 2,500 arrests annually. This includes both pre-trial detainees and those serving sentences. The jail facilities and environment are constantly monitored and updated to meet the needs of the inmates, promote rehabilitation, and maintain a secure environment.


How can I access Dougherty County arrest mugshots and inmate records?

Dougherty County arrest mugshots and inmate records can typically be accessed through the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office website or by contacting the sheriff's office directly. They maintain comprehensive databases containing information on individuals who have been arrested and are currently in custody within Dougherty County. Additionally, you may visit the county jail or detention center in person to inquire about specific individuals. It's important to verify the reliability and accuracy of any third-party websites that may aggregate this information.

What details are typically included in Dougherty County inmate records?

Dougherty County inmate records typically include the individual's name, booking date, charges filed, bond status, and scheduled court appearances. These records are crucial for tracking the status and location of individuals held in Dougherty County jails or detention centers. The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining and providing access to these records.

Are Dougherty County arrest records and mugshots publicly accessible?

Yes, Dougherty County arrest records and mugshots are generally considered public information and can be accessed by interested individuals. The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office typically makes these records available to the public through their website or by visiting the sheriff's office in person. However, it's important to be aware of privacy laws and regulations that may restrict access to certain details, particularly for minors or individuals involved in sensitive cases. Always verify information obtained from third-party websites through official sources for accuracy and reliability.