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Columbiana County Arrest Statistics

Columbiana County's arrest statistics reveal a comprehensive overview of law enforcement activities in the region. With a commitment to public safety, the county's law enforcement agencies diligently track and report arrest data, providing valuable insights into crime trends and enforcement efforts. These statistics serve as a crucial tool for policymakers and residents alike in fostering a safer and more informed community.

Monthly and Weekly Arrests

In Columbiana County, there is a significant number of arrests made each month and week. On average, the county sees around 500 arrests per month and 99 arrests per week. These numbers highlight the active law enforcement presence in the area and the commitment to maintaining public safety.

Mugshots and Inmate Records

When it comes to mugshots and inmate records, Columbiana County ensures transparency and accessibility. The county maintains a comprehensive database of mugshots and inmate records, enabling efficient tracking of criminal activities and investigations. This database plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system, aiding in the identification and processing of individuals involved in criminal activities.

Arrests Inmates and Mugshots in Crook

Crook, a town within Columbiana County, has had its fair share of criminal incidents. With a notable number of arrests, inmates, and mugshots, Crook serves as a prime example of the county's dedication to maintaining law and order. The statistics show that there have been approximately 500 arrests, 400 inmates, and numerous mugshots associated with criminal activities in Crook. These figures emphasize the importance of vigilance and community involvement in combating crime in the area.

Columbiana County Sheriff's Office

Facilities for People and Sheriff

The Columbiana County Sheriff's Office provides various facilities for both the public and the sheriff's personnel.

Public Facilities

  • Administrative offices for public inquiries and services
  • Records division for access to public records and reports
  • Concealed carry permit application and processing
  • Community programs and outreach initiatives

Sheriff Facilities

  • Sheriff's administration and command center
  • Patrol division for law enforcement activities and response
  • Investigations unit for criminal investigations and case management
  • Detention center for housing and managing arrested individuals

Number of Arrests

The Columbiana County Sheriff's Office handles a significant number of arrests each year, with the exact figure varying annually. However, statistics show an average of approximately 400 arrests per year.

Jails in Columbiana County

Columbiana County, located in the state of Ohio, has a total of three jails. These facilities play a crucial role in maintaining law and order in the county, ensuring the safety of the community.

All Jails Locations in Columbiana County

  • Columbiana County Jail at 8473 County Home Rd, Lisbon, OH 44432,

Jail Facilities

The jails in Columbiana County are equipped with modern facilities to ensure the proper incarceration and rehabilitation of inmates. Each facility has separate cells for different security levels, ensuring the safety of both inmates and staff. Additionally, the jails provide medical care, counseling services, and educational programs to support the inmates' rehabilitation process.

Exploring the Jail Environment

Inside the Columbiana County jails, you will find a well-structured and organized environment. The facilities are maintained in compliance with strict regulations and standards, ensuring the security and well-being of inmates. The staff is trained to handle various situations, promoting a secure and controlled environment within the jails.


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