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Columbia County Arrest Statistics

In Columbia County, there is a significant number of arrests that occur on a monthly and weekly basis. On average, there are approximately 500 arrests made each month and around 140 arrests made each week. These statistics highlight the active law enforcement presence in the county.

Mugshots in Columbia County

When individuals are arrested in Columbia County, their mugshots are taken as part of the booking process. Mugshots serve as visual records of individuals who have been arrested and can be used for identification purposes. The county maintains a comprehensive collection of mugshots for all individuals who have been processed through the criminal justice system.

Inmate Records

In Columbia County, inmate records are meticulously maintained to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. These records include details such as the inmate's personal information, arrest history, charges, and court appearances. Inmate records are essential for law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and concerned citizens to access pertinent information about individuals who have been incarcerated in the county.

Columbia County Sheriff's Office

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is committed to serving and protecting the residents of Columbia County. With a strong presence in the community, the Sheriff's Office upholds the law and ensures public safety.


Columbia County Sheriff's Office is located at 85 Industrial Tract, Hudson, New York 12534.

Facilities for People

The Sheriff's Office provides various facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. These facilities include:

  • Community Meeting Rooms
  • Training Facilities
  • Victim Support Services

Facilities for Sheriff

The Sheriff's Office is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support their law enforcement efforts. These facilities include:

  • Dispatch Center
  • Detention Center
  • Crime Lab

Columbia County Jails

Columbia County, has a total of two jails within its jurisdiction. These jails serve as correctional facilities for individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or serving a sentence.

List of Jails in Columbia County

  • Columbia County Jail in Georgia is located at 2273 County Camp Road, Appling, GA 30802.
  • Columbia County Jail in Oregon is located at 901 Port Ave. St. Helens, OR 97051.

Jail Facilities

The jails in Columbia County are equipped with modern facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff. Each jail is equipped with secure cells, surveillance systems, and the necessary resources for daily operations. Additionally, the jails provide access to medical services, educational programs, and recreational activities to promote rehabilitation.

Exploring the Jail Environment

Within Columbia County's jail system, the Sheriff's Office plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order. It is responsible for the security and management of the jails, ensuring the safety of inmates, staff, and the community. The Sheriff's Office also collaborates with other law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals involved in criminal activities.


How can I access Columbia County arrest records?

To access Columbia County arrest records, you can visit the official website of On their homepage, you will find a search bar where you can enter the name of the individual you are looking for. The website will then display the available arrest records for that person, including mugshots, inmate records, and other relevant information. It is important to note that arrest records are public information and can be accessed by anyone.

Can I search for specific types of crimes in Columbia County?

Yes, you can search for specific types of crimes in Columbia County on The website allows you to filter your search based on various categories such as assault, theft, drug offenses, and more. By selecting the specific crime category you are interested in, you can view the related arrest records and mugshots in Columbia County. This feature helps you gather information about the prevalence of certain types of crimes in the area.

Are all mugshots in Columbia County available on

While strives to provide comprehensive coverage of mugshots in Columbia County, it is possible that some mugshots may not be available on the website. This can occur due to various reasons, such as technical glitches or delays in the uploading process. However, the website makes every effort to regularly update and maintain its database to ensure that a vast majority of mugshots are accessible to the public.

How often are the inmate records updated in Columbia County?

The inmate records in Columbia County are updated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information. The frequency of updates may vary depending on the availability of new data and the processing time of the county's criminal justice system. However, strives to provide the most current inmate records possible, so you can rely on the information provided to be as recent as possible.

Can I request the removal of my mugshot from

Yes, you can request the removal of your mugshot from The website understands that individuals may want their arrest records to be removed for various personal or professional reasons. To initiate the removal process, you can contact the website's support team and provide them with the necessary details, such as your name and the specific mugshot you want to be removed. They will review your request and take appropriate action to ensure your privacy and compliance with relevant laws and guidelines.