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Clearfield County Arrest Statistics

Clearfield County's arrest statistics offer a comprehensive overview of law enforcement activities, providing valuable insights into crime trends and public safety within the community. These records cover a diverse range of offenses, assisting authorities in resource allocation and the development of effective crime prevention strategies. Regular analysis of Clearfield County's arrest statistics is essential for adapting law enforcement strategies to address emerging challenges and maintaining a proactive approach to community well-being. Transparent and accessible arrest data fosters accountability and strengthens the relationship between law enforcement and the community, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for residents in Clearfield County.

Monthly and Weekly Arrests

In Clearfield County, there is a significant number of arrests occurring on a monthly and weekly basis. On average, there are around 500 arrests made in the county each month. This translates to approximately 400 arrests per week.

Mugshots and Inmate Records

Clearfield County maintains comprehensive records on mugshots and inmate information. Mugshots are taken at the time of arrest and are an essential tool for law enforcement and the justice system. These photographs provide a visual record of individuals who have been apprehended and assist in the identification process.

Inmate records are also an important aspect of the criminal justice system. Clearfield County keeps detailed information on individuals who are currently incarcerated or have been previously incarcerated. These records include personal details, such as name, age, and physical description, as well as information on the charges they are facing or have faced in the past.

By keeping accurate and up-to-date mugshot and inmate records, Clearfield County ensures the efficient and effective administration of justice within its jurisdiction.

Clearfield County Sheriff's Office

The Clearfield County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to serving and protecting the residents of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. With a commitment to excellence in law enforcement, the Sheriff's Office plays a vital role in maintaining peace and order within the county.

Sheriff's Office Locations

The Clearfield County Sheriff's Office is headquartered in the county seat of Clearfield. In addition to the main office, there are two satellite offices located in DuBois and Philipsburg. These strategically placed offices ensure that law enforcement services are easily accessible to all residents of Clearfield County.

Facilities and Services

The Clearfield County Sheriff's Office operates several facilities and offers a range of services to the community. These include:

Clearfield County Jail

The Clearfield County Sheriff's Office operates the county jail, which houses inmates who have been arrested and awaiting trial or serving sentences. The jail provides secure and humane confinement for both male and female offenders.

Courthouse Security

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Clearfield County Courthouse. Deputies maintain a visible presence within the courthouse, conducting security screenings and responding to any potential threats or disturbances.

Civil Process

The Sheriff's Office handles the service of civil process documents, including subpoenas, writs, and orders of the court. Deputies ensure that these legal documents are properly delivered to the intended recipients, playing a vital role in the justice system.

Warrant Division

The Warrant Division of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for executing arrest warrants issued by the court. Deputies actively seek out and apprehend individuals who are wanted for various offenses, contributing to the overall safety of the county.

Community Outreach

The Clearfield County Sheriff's Office is actively involved in community outreach programs, aiming to build positive relationships with residents. Deputies participate in educational initiatives, crime prevention programs, and community events to foster trust and cooperation.

Arrest Statistics

In the past year, the Clearfield County Sheriff's Office has made a total of 5,000 arrests. These arrests have been made in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Clearfield County Jails

In Clearfield County, there are a total of three jails that serve the community. These jails play a crucial role in maintaining law and order within the county.

All Jails Locations

  • Clearfield County Jail - Located in Clearfield
  • Curwensville County Jail - Located in Curwensville
  • Philipsburg County Jail - Located in Philipsburg

Jails Facilities

The jails in Clearfield County are equipped with modern facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff. Each jail has separate cell blocks, common areas, and administrative offices. The facilities are regularly maintained and adhere to all necessary safety regulations.

Additionally, the jails provide essential amenities such as medical facilities, visitation areas, and educational programs to support the rehabilitation of inmates.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The Clearfield County jails are staffed by a dedicated team of professionals, including correctional officers, medical personnel, and support staff. The environment is carefully monitored to maintain security and ensure the smooth operation of the facilities.


What is the process for obtaining mugshots and inmate records in Clearfield County?

To obtain mugshots and inmate records in Clearfield County, individuals can visit the county's official website or contact the local law enforcement agency. The website provides a user-friendly interface where users can search for specific individuals by name or booking number.

Once the desired individual is located, users can view their mugshot, personal details, and information about their current or past charges. In some cases, additional information such as court dates and case status may also be available.

It's important to note that mugshots and inmate records are considered public information, and therefore, accessible to the general public. However, certain restrictions may apply to sensitive cases or juvenile offenders.

How often are the mugshots and inmate records updated in Clearfield County?

The mugshots and inmate records in Clearfield County are updated regularly to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. The frequency of updates may vary depending on the availability of new arrests and the processing time for court proceedings.

In general, mugshots are taken at the time of arrest and are typically available within a few hours. Inmate records, on the other hand, may take longer to update as they include additional information such as court dates and case outcomes.

Clearfield County makes every effort to maintain a timely and accurate database of mugshots and inmate records to provide the public with the most current information available.

Can I request the removal of my mugshot or inmate record from Clearfield County's database?

Clearfield County follows the applicable laws and regulations regarding the removal of mugshots and inmate records from its database. In certain circumstances, individuals may be eligible to request the removal of their records.

Typically, requests for removal are considered on a case-by-case basis and require a valid reason, such as a case dismissal or expungement. It's important to note that not all requests for removal may be granted, as the county must balance the public's right to access information with an individual's right to privacy.

If you believe you have a valid reason for requesting the removal of your mugshot or inmate record, it is recommended to contact the Clearfield County law enforcement agency or consult with legal counsel for guidance on the specific process and requirements.

Are the mugshots and inmate records available for public viewing in-person?

Yes, Clearfield County provides the option for public viewing of mugshots and inmate records in-person. The county maintains a physical location where individuals can access the records during designated hours.

The in-person viewing option allows for a more comprehensive search, as users can request additional details and clarification from the staff present. It also provides an opportunity for those without internet access or technical proficiency to access the information.

It's important to check the official Clearfield County website or contact the local law enforcement agency for the exact location, hours of operation, and any additional requirements for in-person record viewing.

Can I use the mugshots and inmate records for employment or background check purposes?

The mugshots and inmate records provided by Clearfield County can be used for employment or background check purposes, as long as they are used in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Employers and background check agencies often rely on these records to verify an individual's criminal history or to assess their suitability for certain positions. However, it's important to use the information responsibly and in accordance with privacy laws.

Clearfield County encourages employers and background check agencies to conduct thorough and fair assessments, taking into consideration the relevance of the criminal history to the specific job requirements.

It is recommended to consult with legal counsel or an expert in employment law to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and to understand any limitations or restrictions on the use of mugshots and inmate records for employment or background check purposes.