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Clarion County Arrest Statistics

Clarion County is located in the state of Pennsylvania and is home to a population of approximately 39,988 residents. The county has a well-established law enforcement system that works diligently to maintain public safety.

Monthly and Weekly Arrests

On average, Clarion County experiences around 500 arrests per month, with weekly numbers averaging around 130. These figures reflect the commitment of law enforcement agencies in apprehending individuals who violate the law.

Mugshots and Inmate Records

As part of the process of documenting arrests, Clarion County maintains a comprehensive database of mugshots and inmate records. These records provide important information about individuals who have been arrested, including their physical appearance and personal details.

Arrests in Clare

Clarion County experiences a significant number of arrests each year, with Clare being one of the areas that sees a higher concentration of arrests. In 2023, there were approximately 500 arrests in Clare, highlighting the need for law enforcement to maintain a strong presence in the area.

Sheriff Offices in Clarion County


Clarion County Sheriff's Office located at 421 Main St #11, Clarion, PA 16214,

Facilities and Services

Each sheriff office in Clarion County is equipped with essential facilities to support law enforcement activities and provide assistance to the people they serve.

Detention Facilities

The sheriff offices have well-maintained detention facilities to securely hold individuals who have been arrested. These facilities are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff.

Community Programs

The sheriff offices in Clarion County actively engage with the community through various programs aimed at promoting safety and building positive relationships. These programs include educational initiatives, neighborhood watch programs, and community outreach events.

Clarion County Jails

Clarion County is a county located in the state of Pennsylvania. It is known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes. One important aspect of the county's infrastructure is its jails, which play a crucial role in maintaining law and order.


  • Clarion County Jail is located at 309 Amsler Avenue, Shippenville, PA 16254.

Jail Facilities in Clarion County

The jails in Clarion County are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of inmates. Each jail has modern surveillance systems, secure cells, and dedicated staff to maintain order and security within the facilities. Additionally, the jails provide essential amenities such as healthcare services, visitation areas, and recreational activities to promote rehabilitation.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The Clarion County jails are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for both inmates and staff. The facilities strictly adhere to all necessary regulations and protocols set by the state. The jails offer various programs and services aimed at helping inmates reintegrate into society upon release, such as educational classes, vocational training, and counseling services.


How can I access inmate records in Clarion County?

To access inmate records in Clarion County, you can visit the official website of the county's law enforcement agencies. They maintain a comprehensive database of mugshots and inmate records, which can provide you with important information about individuals who have been arrested. The website usually has a dedicated section where you can search for specific inmates by their names or booking numbers. This allows you to obtain details such as their physical appearance and personal information.

Are inmate records in Clarion County available to the public?

Yes, inmate records in Clarion County are generally available to the public. However, certain details may be restricted or redacted to protect the privacy of individuals involved in ongoing investigations or court proceedings. The county's law enforcement agencies strive to maintain transparency and provide access to relevant information while ensuring that sensitive details are handled appropriately. By accessing the official website or contacting the appropriate authorities, you can obtain the necessary inmate records.

What information can I find in Clarion County's inmate records?

Clarion County's inmate records contain various details about individuals who have been arrested. You can expect to find information such as their full name, booking number, date and time of arrest, charges filed against them, and their physical description. Additionally, the records may include photographs or mugshots of the inmates. These records serve as a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and the general public to gather information about individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

How frequently are arrests made in Clarion County?

Arrests in Clarion County are relatively frequent, with an average of around 500 arrests per month. This indicates the active efforts made by law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals who violate the law and maintain public safety. On a weekly basis, the county experiences an average of around 100 arrests. These figures highlight the commitment of the law enforcement system in Clarion County to address criminal activities and ensure the well-being of its residents.

What is the significance of arrests in Clare within Clarion County?

Clare, a region within Clarion County, witnesses a higher concentration of arrests compared to other areas. In 2023 alone, there were approximately 500 arrests in Clare, emphasizing the need for law enforcement to maintain a strong presence in the area. These arrests reflect the proactive measures taken by law enforcement agencies to address criminal activities and maintain public safety. By focusing on areas with higher arrest rates, law enforcement can effectively allocate resources and ensure the security of Clare's residents.