Billings County Arrests: Mugshots Inmate Records

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Billings County Arrests Statistics

Billings County, located in the greater Austin area, has experienced a significant number of arrests in recent months. According to recent data, there have been an average of 880 arrests per month and 190 arrests per week.

Mugshots in Billings County

Billings County maintains detailed records of mugshots for all individuals arrested within its jurisdiction. Mugshots are taken at the time of arrest and provide visual identification of the individuals in custody.

Inmate Records

In addition to mugshots, Billings County also keeps comprehensive inmate records. These records include information such as personal details, charges, and court dates for each individual in custody. These records are regularly updated to ensure accuracy and accessibility.

Billings County Sheriff’s Office


The Billings County Sheriff’s Office is situated at 495 4th St, Medora, ND 5864


The Sheriff’s Office in Billings County provides various facilities and services to the community:

  • Administrative offices
  • Detention center
  • Patrol division
  • Investigations division
  • Community outreach programs

Administrative Offices

The administrative offices of the Sheriff’s Office are responsible for overseeing the daily operations, record-keeping, and managing personnel. They ensure the smooth functioning of the department and handle administrative tasks such as budgeting and staffing.

Detention Center

The Billings County Sheriff’s Office operates a detention center to house individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or serving their sentences. The facility ensures the safety and security of inmates while providing necessary amenities and access to legal resources.

Patrol Division

The patrol division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining law and order in Billings County. Deputies patrol the county, respond to calls for service, conduct traffic stops, and enforce laws to ensure public safety.

Investigations Division

The investigations division handles criminal investigations within Billings County. Detectives gather evidence, interview witnesses, and work closely with other law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and bring offenders to justice.

Community Outreach Programs

The Billings County Sheriff’s Office actively engages with the community through various outreach programs. These programs aim to educate and inform residents about crime prevention, safety, and the role of law enforcement. They also foster positive relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves.

Billings County Jails

Billings is a county located in the state of Montana. It boasts several jails that serve the community and ensure public safety.

All Jails Locations

  • Billings County Detention Center – Located at 232 Colonial Drive, Billings.
  • Billings City Jail – Situated at 220 1st Avenue North, Billings.

Jails Facilities

The Billings County Detention Center is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern infrastructure, advanced security measures, and dedicated staff. It houses a significant number of inmates, ensuring their welfare and providing necessary services such as medical care, counseling, and educational programs.

The Billings City Jail, on the other hand, is a smaller facility that primarily caters to individuals arrested within the city limits. While it may have fewer amenities compared to the county detention center, it still meets the necessary standards for housing and processing inmates.

Exploring the Jail Environment

The sheriff’s office in Billings plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order within the county. With a dedicated team of law enforcement professionals, the sheriff’s office handles arrests, investigations, and ensures the smooth operation of the jail facilities.


What is the process for accessing Billings County Arrest Records?

To access Billings County Arrest Records, individuals can visit the website This website provides a comprehensive database of arrest records for Billings County and other areas within the greater Austin area. Users can search for specific individuals by entering their name, date of birth, or other identifying information. The search results will display detailed information about the arrest, including mugshots, charges, and court dates.

Can I view mugshots of individuals arrested in Billings County?

Yes, Billings County maintains detailed records of mugshots for all individuals arrested within its jurisdiction. These mugshots are taken at the time of arrest and provide visual identification of the individuals in custody. To view mugshots, users can visit and search for the specific individual. The search results will include the mugshot, along with other relevant information about the arrest.

How often are the inmate records updated?

Billings County regularly updates its inmate records to ensure accuracy and accessibility. Whenever there are new arrests or changes in the status of individuals in custody, the inmate records are promptly updated. This includes adding new individuals to the database, updating personal details and charges, and noting any court dates or other important information. Users can rely on to provide the most up-to-date inmate records for Billings County.

Are the inmate records accessible to the public?

Yes, the inmate records in Billings County are accessible to the public. provides a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to search for and view inmate records. The information displayed includes personal details, charges, and court dates for each individual in custody. This transparency ensures that the public has access to accurate and relevant information about the individuals arrested in Billings County.

How can I stay informed about the latest arrests in Billings County?

To stay informed about the latest arrests in Billings County, individuals can subscribe to the newsletter. This newsletter provides regular updates on new arrests, notable cases, and other relevant information. Subscribers will receive email notifications with links to the updated arrest records. Additionally, also maintains active social media channels where they post updates and news related to arrests in Billings County.