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Bernalillo County Arrests Statistics

In Bernalillo County, the number of arrests can vary from month to month and week to week. On average, there are approximately 500 arrests per month and 100 arrests per week. These numbers fluctuate based on various factors such as law enforcement activities, crime rates, and public safety initiatives.

Mugshots and Inmate Records

When individuals are arrested in Bernalillo County, their mugshots and inmate records are processed and stored in the county's database. Mugshots are photographs taken at the time of arrest, providing a visual record of the individual. Inmate records contain important information such as personal details, charges, and booking dates. These records are essential for law enforcement agencies, court proceedings, and public safety purposes.

Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining law and order in Bernalillo County, located in the state of New Mexico.

Number of Sheriff Offices

Bernalillo County has a total of 3 Sheriff Offices spread across different regions:

  • Main Office: Located in Albuquerque
  • East Office: Located in East Mountains
  • South Valley Office: Located in South Valley

Sheriff's Facilities

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office operates from modern and well-equipped facilities, ensuring efficient law enforcement and public safety. These facilities include:

  • Headquarters Building: Located in Albuquerque, it houses administrative offices, command center, and specialized units.
  • East Mountains Substation: Located in the East Mountains region, it serves as a hub for the surrounding communities.
  • South Valley Substation: Located in South Valley, it provides law enforcement services to the area.

Bernalillo County Jails

Bernalillo County, located in the state of New Mexico, is home to several jails that serve as correctional facilities for the county. These jails play a crucial role in maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of the community.

Jails Location

  • Main Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC)
  • Bernalillo County Youth Services Center
  • South Valley Multi-Purpose Center
  • Westside Community Center

The main jail facility in Bernalillo County is the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), which handles a large number of arrests made by the sheriff's office. With a capacity of over 2,000 inmates, MDC provides secure housing for individuals awaiting trial or serving their sentences.

In addition to the main facility, Bernalillo County also operates the Youth Services Center, which focuses on providing specialized care and rehabilitation programs for young offenders. The South Valley Multi-Purpose Center and Westside Community Center serve as smaller holding facilities for short-term stays.

These jails offer various facilities and services to ensure the well-being of the inmates. They provide medical care, mental health services, educational programs, and vocational training opportunities to help individuals reintegrate into society successfully. Additionally, the jails maintain strict security measures to prevent escapes and maintain order within the facilities.

Exploring the jail environment reveals a structured system that ensures the safety of both inmates and staff. The facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, secure cell units, and control rooms to monitor and manage inmate movement. Trained correctional officers maintain a presence throughout the facility, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations.

Overall, Bernalillo County's jails serve as essential components of the criminal justice system, providing secure housing and necessary support to individuals involved in legal proceedings. With the sheriff's office making numerous arrests, these facilities play a significant role in maintaining public safety and promoting rehabilitation within the community.


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With, users can search for specific individuals, view their mugshots, and access their inmate records. The platform is designed to enhance transparency and provide valuable information to the public, law enforcement agencies, and legal professionals.

How often are the mugshots and inmate records updated?

The mugshots and inmate records on are updated in real-time. As soon as a person is arrested and their information is processed by the law enforcement agencies in Bernalillo County, it becomes available on the platform. This ensures that users have access to the most current and accurate information regarding arrests and inmate records.

It is important to note that there may be a slight delay in updating the database during peak periods or when there is a high volume of arrests. However, the platform strives to provide timely and reliable information at all times.

Can I search for specific charges or crimes on

Yes, allows users to search for specific charges or crimes. The platform categorizes arrests based on the nature of the offense, allowing users to filter their search results accordingly. Whether you are interested in searching for DUI arrests, drug-related offenses, or other specific crimes, provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to find the information you need.

By utilizing the search filters and keywords, users can narrow down their search and access the relevant mugshots and inmate records associated with specific charges or crimes.

Are there any privacy concerns regarding the publication of mugshots?

The publication of mugshots is a matter of public record, and the availability of this information serves the purpose of transparency and accountability. Mugshots provide a visual record of an individual's arrest and are an integral part of the legal process. They are considered public information and can be accessed by anyone.

However, it is essential to recognize that individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Mugshots should not be used to pass judgment or make assumptions about a person's guilt or innocence. They are merely a snapshot of the arrest moment and should be viewed in that context.

How can I request the removal of my mugshot or inmate record from

If you believe that your mugshot or inmate record should be removed from, you can follow the platform's designated process for requesting removal. The website provides a contact form or email address specifically for removal requests.

It is important to note that may have limitations on removing mugshots or inmate records in certain situations. Factors such as the status of the case, legal requirements, and public safety considerations may influence the decision to remove or retain the information. is committed to balancing the public's right to access information with the need to respect individuals' privacy. Therefore, removal requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account relevant factors and legal guidelines.